Sunday, June 4, 2017


Sometimes the universe gives you what you need in some very unexpected ways.

Last week, I’m still aiming to please and upholding the interests of the organization in what was my second to final week in the job I’ve held for nearly 10 years. So many great things to say about the place, but one of the things that has been a source of the dip in my enthusiasm is the lack of connection I have begun to feel for some time now.  There’s buzz all around me, but no one speaking to me.  People burst into offices interrupting the boss over every type of “crisis,” but this rude and immature behavior disgusts me, and I won’t ask for attention in this way.  Consequently, I rarely get facetime.

With this predictable pattern, I don’t know why I even think twice after responses on my part to fulfill or answer several requests -- albeit simple ones -- go completely unacknowledged.  Really, why would I even notice?  I am sure it is not personal -- this person is clearly too busy even for a quick email reply of appreciation.  Hey, it happens.  Can’t be thin-skinned.  You get over it.  Besides, I’m nearly done there, right?

That evening, I decide I want a spring roll or something else small and tasty to supplement the leftover Thai food I have for dinner.  When I go to pick up the Thai Toast I have ordered from the restaurant around the corner, I am greeted by the owner and his little girl of about six who are behind the table near the cash register.  She has long black hair, is wearing a pretty pink dress and has been busy drawing thank you notes for customers.  When she earnestly compliments my hair and earrings, I thank her and tell her dad that he has a great helper there.  

As I reach for my wallet, she hands me one of the thank you notes she has been cheerfully drawing on full sized pink construction paper with colored markers, complete with hand-drawn hearts and wrapped mints taped to the bottom.  I am truly touched and I thank her -- it’s absolutely adorable. As I take my change, I offer to give it back so she can give the sweet note to someone else later.  Crestfallen, her face begins to crumble, and I know immediately I have made a mistake.  But she knows better and looks back at me with determined sincerity, and says firmly:  “No, I want you to have it.”  And of course, I take it gratefully without hesitation.   And when I do, we both break into huge smiles.  

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