Sunday, May 7, 2017

Welcoming Spring


April.  Such a beautiful month. Tulips of every hue replace the subtle colors of daffodils, and everywhere the palate of spring unfolds. Redbud trees burst with purple spuds, while dogwoods bring forth their elegant white and pink glory, and the bright yellow goldfinches return to the thistle feeder.  Jordan was born on April 4, and I will always remember with vivid clarity the beauty and wonder that Mother Nature had gifted us with on the drive home a few days later with my new baby.  An exquisite time to be born and for remembrance every year.

Come May.  Now we are really getting serious about summer’s arrival. The natural world has become fully green, bright and fresh, before the heavy heat of summer parches and exhausts. Super long walks, day hikes and bike rides are an absolute must by now.  A must as in I literally cannot stay cooped up anymore, and I cannot wait to get out and feel the warmth of the air and sun envelop me.  I will still happily get out even when the atmosphere is thick with humidity and the temps rise above 90, but May is truly prime time.

The arrival of spring also allows me to enjoy spending long stretches of time in my happiest of living spaces -- the screened in patio/sunroom we set up three years ago.  Here (where I am right now), I will take as many meals as possible, read, nap, watch the birds at the feeder, have long talks with friends and family, meditate and work.  The cats often hang out with me there, sunny or stormy, we don’t care.  Truly, life hardly gets better than that.  

I won’t link to a lot of studies here, but there is plenty of scientific proof and anecdotal evidence that being outdoors, especially in any natural setting -- whether it be your backyard, the beach, the woods, a garden or park -- lifts your spirit and calms your stress.  So set up a chair on your back porch, visit to find beautiful places to take a short walk or long hike, or spend an afternoon at The Atlanta Botanical Garden.  And no matter where you live, state parks are always a good bet for a day outside.

Hoping everyone takes time to enjoy the loveliness and inspiration this season brings.

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